We’re all about House Music…

In the beginning there was Jack. And Larry, Nicky, Ronnie and Frankie. Trax. DJ International. Easy Street. Supertronics. Trouble is in the land. 98.7 – wish wish wish. Ibiza. Hot Mix 5 – ain’t no jive. Liz Torres. Delirium. Noel and Maurice. Marshall Jefferson. DJ Pierre. Tribal. Acid. Hip House. Music Box. Paradise Garage. David Morales. The Shelter. Tony Humphries. Body and Soul. Shoom. Spectrum. Future. Bozak. The kick, the hat, the clap. 909, 808, 707, SP1200, MPC. Zanzibar. Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. Joe Smooth. Danny Rampling. Danny Tenaglia. Miami. Voguing. Ten City. Mr Fingers. Getting right on one. What’s your name? Where you from? D’you want a sip of water? Beans. Peaky blinders. Sound Factory. New York Fuckin’ City. Hookers. Hustlers. Twelve inches. Dropping it off a slate. Kenny Hawkes. Kenny Dope. Girls FM. Kiss FM. WBLS. Electrifying Mojo. Prince. Sharivari. Lil Louis. Lil Louie. Transmat. Wanking. Trancing out. Your Mum. Your Dad. All back to mine. Traktor. Technics. Two for a brace. In the mix. Droppin’ jams. Strictly Rhythm. Ministry of Sound. Vinyl Solution. Vinyl Addiction. Quaff. Catch A Groove. Soho LDN. SoHo NYC. Black Market. Phonica. Danica. Sonica. Let the music move you. Let the music take control. Serious Intention. M25 and Blackburn raves. Pickering and Park. The Hacienda. Sorted. Top one. Nice one. The message is in the music. Can you feel it?